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Sedation Dentist Reveals Ways to Cope with Dental Anxiety

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Many people experience overwhelming fear of the dentist and dental procedures, and as a result neglect to schedule regular appointments. This is a very common problem, affecting millions of people, but the repercussions of postponing dental treatment are usually more invasive and costly down the line.

At our Orange County Sedation Dentist office, patient comfort is of the utmost importance to our team. We use the most recent technological advancements to provide painless, efficient treatment, thereby reducing your stress level during the appointment. We employ minimally invasive procedures that minimize discomfort and lessen your time spent in the chair.

However, these strategies alone may not be enough to alleviate your anxiety about visiting the dentist. So what can you to overcome your concerns? Often times, feeling a loss of being in control contributes to dental phobia. We can offer some practical tips on how to feel more control during your appointments, and thus feel more relaxed.

  • Communicate with your dentist -  Although it may be difficult to express your fear, sharing your anxiety with the dentist allows him to take the necessary precautions during your treatment to keep you comfortable.
  • Agree on a signal - Many patients fear that their dentist will not know if their anxiety level is elevated, and this contributes to the patient’s phobia. An effective remedy is to agree in advance to a simple signal, like a “stop” hand signal. Your dentist will recognize your discomfort immediately if you use the hand signal.
  • Use throat spray - Throat spray can help control the gag reflex many patients worry about during your appointment.
  • Sedation - For some patients, sedation offers the best solution to endure treatment. Your dentist can discuss with you the different types of sedation options available so that you can have a realistic expectation of sedation benefits.

At San Juan Capistrano Sleep Dentist office, we understand your need to make an informed choice to combat your dental phobia. We encourage you to gather information, discuss your concerns with us, and learn about the procedures and treatments available to you. We want you to understand exactly what will happen at your appointment and rest assured that your comfort is our priority.



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