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Hire an Internet Marketing Expert

by manishyadav

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Internet Marketing is an ever expansive field and there are no definite template based solutions for one particular problem. It is more of applying a multi strategy approach and coming up with the best results.  Also, in this field, it is more important for an expert to look at a more holistic approach rather remaining clustered in one particular aspect.  For different enterprises, a single online marketing tool can be leveraged in multiple ways. So the current employment market is open for experts who are aware of evolving online marketing trends and have the vision for innovative problem solving.  With the enterprises seeking tremendous presence through search engines and social networking, online marketing is now particularly guided by four important parameters of ‘discovery’, ‘innovation’, and ‘customer engagement’.  Therefore it is important to hire internet marketing consultant with a digital marketing experience across different industry verticals.

Companies in the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon are undoubtedly the major stake holders in online businesses and they have ushered in a tremendous and unparalleled innovation to the online world. This phenomenon itself has created a need to have flexible marketing strategy or model that fits well with the different online algorithms of these global giants. These marketing models can either focus on content or on the infrastructure, depending upon the requirement.  Taking convergence of tools and technologies as a major key for problem solving, online marketers should have the farsightedness to estimate the possibilities of an emerging marketing tool and the diligence to test its effectiveness in the given situation.

Some of the top emerging marketing trends that an internet marketing expert has to consider are:

•    Rise of location based services – With the advent of GPRS enabled handsets, location based services in the form of applications, such as Foursquare and Path, are increasing capturing the imagination of the entrepreneurs. 
•     Evolution of advertisement formats- In the world of digital marketing, an entrepreneur cannot possible do away with ads for videos and mobile handsets.  The reach and penetration of any company or enterprise is determined by how it has projected itself smartly on upcoming platforms that are easily accessible to the current generation.
•    Adoption of User-Generated Curation- This is a new approach and has created quite a stir in the digital industry.  This approach helps emerging brands establish connect with relevant customers through content filtering. Some of the glaring examples are tumblr and Pintrest. 
•     Evolution of ads for different formats- Any business enterprise cannot afford to neglect technology platforms such as tablets and smartphones, so it is important to tailor advertisements compatible for the platforms.

The implementation of any strategy calls for requisite tools and technologies. Therefore, enterprises should hire internet marketing consultant from india who not only are pro in implementing the above strategies but also simultaneously can juggle between different tools and technologies.   Some of these are:

•    Google Trends and Insights
•    Sentiment Metrics
•    Facebook Lexicon
•    Brands Eye
•    Nielsen
•    BlogPulse Trends
•    Buzzlogic
•    Omgili Charts

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