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Know about the Super Absorbent Polymer Norsorex

by rickpetko9179

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Polymer can be defined as the interlinking of long chains of monomers or chemical units. There are varieties of polymers available in markets that are poly vinyl chloride, poly propylene, aqua keep, norsorex and many more having different characteristics properties, uses, types and advantages. These polymers play a very important role in our daily life, as there are many products that made from them including plastic materials, rug fibers, paints, fabrics and many more.


Among all polymers, the aqua keep and norsorex are the super absorbent polymers as they efficiently absorb various liquids. The Aqua Keep polymer is not only used in the making of hygiene products like sanitary napkins and diapers but is also widely used for industrial products. There are various types of Aqua Keep polymers that absorb liquids like blood, urine, saline solution and sea water; all having different stability, gel strength and absorption rate and also this non toxic polymer has various advantages and applications.


Now, we talk about another Super Absorbent Polymer Norsorex that is polynorbornene based polymer absorbing oil 10 times of its own weight. This polymer is insoluble in water, has high affinity towards hydrocarbons, high glass transition temperature and unique among elastomers. It is also non toxic and has many advantages and can be widely used as an oil absorption agent. Due to its high absorption speed, it can be used at many places like oil refineries, airports, lakes and many other places where oil leakages are found.


In addition to this,Super Absorbent Polymer Norsorex also offers great friction coefficient and its vibration control and reduction facility makes it a better choice for electronic equipments, buildings, sealings, body protection and many others. These super absorbent polymers are a good economical choice for all industries. Many corporations import these polymers to various industries but you must rely on the one that provides expert and reliable services. A specialized and reliable corporation will import its products at the best competitive rates for manufacturing of various products. These corporations will also provide various raw materials like automotive products, HEIDON friction and wear testers, photovoltaic film SHINEBEAM, glow in the dark product and many more that are widely used in many applications. So, if you are also interested in buying raw materials then start visiting various sites on the internet and choose the one that is the best and reliable.


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