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Questions to Answer Before You Go Searching for Cruise Deals

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It’s one thing to go on a cruise: sandy beaches, good weather, and other happy vacationers infecting your family with their good mood. It’s another to plan it: searching for cruise lines, jacking up the telephone bills, and estimating the budget for the trip. Though planning is rarely as fun as travelling, here are four questions you can ask to make the cruise deal search process a whole lot easier.


Who Are Going To Take The Cruise?


This is the easiest question to answer, but is also arguably the most important. For example, if you’re taking young children or old people along with you, it might not be a good idea to book a cruise that includes unlimited alcoholic drinks. Likewise, if you’re bringing mostly teenagers, ensure that the activities can adequately satisfy their need for novelty and excitement. If you’re travelling alone to meet new people, consider a singles cruise.


Where Are You Cruising?


If “who” is the easiest question to answer, “where” is probably the hardest. To say that there are plenty of spots on earth for you to travel would be an understatement. Ask your travel agent or trusted people for recommended cruise destinations to get you started. Once you have a good idea what a good cruise destination looks like, you can progress to lesser-known, but equally nice, cruise spots.


What Activities Do You Enjoy?


You have to consider what the majority of people in your group like to do. For example, if you have an entire family of adventurers, look for family cruise deals  that offer boating, diving, and other adrenaline-pumping activities. On the other hand, if you have a generally laidback group of people in your hands, deals that offer nice food and low-key entertainment would suffice.


How Much are You Willing to Spend?


Know the minimum amount you’re willing to spend on cruise specials. You can follow the rule of thumb that you should budget at least a hundred dollars per person—exclusive of airfare—but everyone should have some extra pocket money just in case. You can save on cruises by travelling in groups, thus theoretically decreasing the cost per person, or booking several months in advance.


When you ask yourself the questions above, it’ll be easier to define what “best cruise” is for you. For more tips on getting the best cruise deals, read

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