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Satiate Your Martial Arts Thirst with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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The numerous arts of combat and self-defense are referred to as martial arts, which individuals today widely practice as sport. As claimed by specialists, the roots of martial arts can be tracked from thousands of years ago when it was the survival of the fittest. had to hunt, fight, or go to battle. The term itself derives its name from Mars, the Roman god of war.

Some of the most well-known martial arts today are the Japanese karate, aikido, and judo, which is a derivative of the likewise well-known jiu jitsu in its Brazilian and Japanese versions; the Israeli kray maga; the Korean Taekwondo; the Chinese kung fu; muay Thai and the Philippine arnis, escrima or kali. There's a whole lot of historical literature on these different combat styles that creates an engrossing read. But probably among the most extensively seen on the television nowadays is the Brazilian jiu jitsu, being credited to the popularity of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The UFC is a full-contact combat sport that fuses a few of the previously-mentioned styles, thus the term mixed martial arts (MMA) . Still largely based on the Brazilian jiu jitsu, though, it was spread to the world by the Brazilian Royce Gracie, winning the first-ever, then open weight and barely-no-rules UFC on November 12, 1993. That is why nearly all MMA fighters nowadays learn Brazilian jiu jitsu.

The UFC's immediate success was mainly due to the "no-rules" nature of the sport. It caused MMA turning into the fastest progressing sport in America in 2001, and UFC exceeding the pay-per-view profits of boxing and wrestling in 2006. Some stats reveal that in 2009, there were about 18 million Americans who practiced martial arts. If you were to divide that number evenly among all the states, that's around 360,000 per state. Students in martial arts Naperville IL dojos have to accommodate, for example, would probably be in the thousands.

Dojos, or Martial arts schools can consider this as really good news. They can opt to teach other combat styles but highlight Brazilian jiu jitsu Naperville children and teenagers can give a shot. After all, having the ability to contend in popular matches like the UFC is not the only inspiration for mastering it. There is still the age-old application of self-defense, which can be extremely valuable for females.

If American enthusiasm in martial arts develops, then Naperville martial arts will do the same. Visit or for more extensive resources.

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