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Brand New and Remarkably Energy Efficient Furnace

by darryliorio

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These days, issues like diminishing resources, sky-high energy bills, and other environmental concerns bring a great deal of attention to the topic of home energy efficiency, particularly heating. Canadians strive to cut back on consumption and pollution without compromising the warmth and comfort of their homes. A furnace upgrade is a good way to boost energy efficiency, save money, and improve comfort.

Numerous Canadian homes rely on natural gas heating systems. However, around 30 percent of their power expenditures go down the sink since these are not maximized and even produce up to four tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere on a monthly basis. In order to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions, a nationwide minimum energy performance for household gas furnaces was placed in effect on December 31, 2009. This benchmark mandates a minimum fuel efficiency of 90 percent and is applicable to all gas furnaces available in Canada.

This new standard is part of Canada’s continuous initiatives towards saving the environment and target climate change. The installation of a high-efficiency furnace will lessen expenses by 12 percent in comparison with old furnaces. Nonetheless, the amount conserved is affected by other factors such as heat loss and house size.

How much does it cost to swap a used furnace with a high efficiency type? It depends on the conditions-the higher the efficiency of the furnace, the more expensive its price tag. If the new equipment can easily be attached to a current exhaust flue and duct, it will amount to about $3,000 to $4,500.

To avoid pointless expenses, each homeowner must ask their plumber in Surrey BC to set up the ideal furnace unit. They may also want to reassess their water heater venting system for any potential alterations. The initial expenditures can then be offset by energy efficiency gains and long-term savings in operating charges.

Homeowners can depend on a plumber Surrey BC locals trust to put in downflow, upflow and horizontal furnace models to cater to attic, basement, or limited-space installation. An upflow furnace is normally used in the basement; a downflow furnace in the attic; and a horizontal model in an attic that has very limited headroom. These are all remarkably efficient especially when routinely preserved and cared for.

Experienced plumbers Surrey BC locals depend on can provide outstanding service for different heating needs. All tasks are guaranteed and insured. For more information regarding Canada’s laws on gas furnaces, please see

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