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Supercars Oakville Residents Can Buy For $25000

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Most people here in Oakville have all daydreamed about owning a sleek and shiny supercar that would cause bystanders to gawk as you drive by posh neighborhoods like Gordon Woods and Credit Mills. However, supercars are only accessible to the ultra-rich, since the cheapest cost around $100,000, right? Most people only have around $20000 to $30000 to spend on their car purchase, and that just isn’t enough to even buy half a supercar.

Well, that’s not entirely true. If you’re willing to delve into the used car market, you’ll find famous supercar brands and models being offered at prices no higher than $25000. It might seem too good to be true, but you better believe it. The financial crash back in ’08 has driven car prices way down, which is a fortunate turn of events for supercar enthusiasts.

1981 Ferrari 308 GTSi

A lot of car enthusiasts consider this as the most beautiful Ferrari in the brand’s history. It debuted in 1975 and was the first model to use a V8 engine in the Ferrari assembly line. Its sleek and aerodynamic design went on to define the Ferrari brand, and car design students continue to be fascinated with its sheer beauty until the present day.

1980s Porsche 911

Back in 1999, this car was part of the Top 10 Car of the Century awardees. It was also regarded as one of the best competition cars ever since it first came out in 11 September 1963. The Porsche 911 hasn’t changed much in terms of redesign—the biggest change being a switch from air to water in the cooling system back in ’97.

1990s Toyota Supra Turbo

When it came out in ’93, this car was able to put out around 220 horses with its standard engine, while its twin-turbo motor had 276 horses. It’s not hard to imagine that some people in Oakville are waiting for this car to get re-released. While that has yet to happen, you can work with Oakville car dealers to get earlier models.

4200 GT Maserati Spyder

If you’re the kind of guy who enjoys long-distance driving, then the Spyder is for you. It is built specifically for people who require maximum comfort during long drives. Add to that the idea of driving something as powerful as this car, and you might just faint with anticipation on your way to Oakville car dealers.

The worldwide recession has resulted in a lot of adverse consequences for people from all walks of life, but when it comes to the used cars market, consumers come out on top. So check out all the options available from dealers that sell Oakville used cars. For more information, check out


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