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Brief Review of Air Source Heat Pump

by wmr16

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Basic Working Principle of Air Source Heat Pump

During the operation of the <a href=""> air source heat pump,t</a>, the evaporator sucks the energy from the ambient heat in the air to the evaporate heat transferring fluid, which is compressed by the compressor and made into the gas of high pressure and high temperature. The high-temperature gas is turned into the fluid in the special circular tube after permanently bonding in the outer surface of the water storage tank. The released heat is passed to the water in the storage tank in the air source heat pump. The cooled down fluid is sent back to the evaporimeter through expansion velvet to be evaporated. So that is a circulated working process. As a professional heat pump manufacturer, PHNIX has set up an appearance design team, refrigerant system design team and control system design team to produce various kinds of heat pumps of beautiful looking and latest advanced technology.

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Air Source Heat Pump Systems Circulation Principle

<a href="">Air source heat pump systems </a> transfer working fluid which is a special material with boiling point of minus 40℃ and freezing point of minus 100 ℃ under room temperature. The material is the fluid when it is cold, but easily evaporated into the gas; and vice versa. During the operation, due to the extremist temperature for evaporation of working fluid in the air source heat pump heater is minus 20℃ or so, so it is hot under the environment temperature of 5℃, and even the temperature for snowing such as 0℃, it is relatively hot. In this case, the air source heat pump heaters still can exchange the heat.

Domestic Air Source Heat Pump Gain Popularity

In the 21st century, with the emergence of the "energy crisis", the fuel prices suddenly rose. The domestic air source heat pump and industrial air source heat pump re-boarded the stage of history after being improved to have features of high recovery, heat of low temperature, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It has become the most valuable new energy technology nowadays. The former International Thermal Department set up a special international heat pump center to establish Heat Pump Programme, which aims to promote and coordinate the application and development of heat pump technology in the world wide. Governments of the United States, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Korea and other countries have issued special official guidelines to promote the social application of heat pump technology.

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