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How To Change Gmail Password

by maddyacca

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Original Source: How To Change Gmail Password

You might want to keep changing your email account passwords seeing to what extent hacking has reached in present times. Changing a Gmail password is a simple few steps long task.


1) Go to the Gmail page and log into your account.

Gmail Login


2) In the top right corner you will see a gear like button. That is for the Settings. Click this button and open Settings.

Gmail Settings



3) Find the Accounts and Imports tab and click the Change Password option. This should pop up a new window or browser tab.

Gmail Accounts and Imports


4) Here you can do either of the two things: type in your current password followed by your new password or answer the security question you set up when you first made your account.


Change Gmail Password

5) Type in the password you want to keep. It would be beneficial if you pick a combination ranked strong by Gmail. Once you have typed it in, hit ‘Save’ and your new password is set.

Gmail Strong Password


You can also use your second email account (if you have one) to keep a password back up for Gmail account. This is a convenient feature since you can get your password sent to this second account just in case you forget your password.

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