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Basketweave Tile Varieties You May Want to Use for Your Home

by alanageikie

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When selecting the perfect architectural configurations for your residence, you would want those that are able to withstand the ravages of time; you're going to settle in your home for numerous years, after all. Likewise, you may want to guarantee that your home preserves a certain uniqueness that distinguishes it from other homes in your neighborhood. Why don't you consider basketweave tiles?

General Information

As indicated by their name, you most likely have a fairly good idea as to what inspired the look of basketweave tiles. You can commonly obtain them in sheet format; paper or plastic mesh prevents the separate pieces from collapsing. It's rather simple to install them because all you have to do is find out the overall floor area, apply mortar and properly customized cement panel on the surface of the floor, and overlay the board with the basketweave tile sheet. They are manufactured using a variety of materials and are available in multiple designs as well.

Materials Used to Manufacture Basketweave Tiles

Marble, slate, granite, and glass are only some of the items typically selected to make basket weave tiles. The material you should utilize hinges on the general appearance you would like to achieve for your kitchen or bathroom. For instance, a basket weave tile consisting of glass can provide splash to a modern residential property.

The Timeless Basketweave Tile Style

If you're still testing how well the basketweave tile style can fit your home, take a good look at those with traditional basketweave patterns first. Imagine two vertical rectangles forming a right angle that has two horizontal rectangles; that's exactly what a traditional basketweave pattern takes after. This template is ideal for large kitchens or bathrooms.

Basketweave Mosaic Tile

If you want basketweave tiles that have an unusual twist, consider basketweave mosaics. Mosaic tiles consist of numerous pieces that might have a similar hue throughout, although with varying tones, layouts, and patterns. You may be thrilled by the originality this provides, unlike customary tile arrangements in which each piece looks the same. Moreover, mosaic tiles bring a stylish touch to your home.

Crema Marfil Basketweave Tile

Ever wondered how residences in ancient Greece and Rome must have looked like? Then get a hold of some Crema Marfil basketweave tiles. Builders favor these tiles mainly for their unusual and natural charm, with the added benefit of resilience, which is a characteristic of basket weave tiles.

In case you desire to get a basketweave tile bathroom, explore the above design possibilities during the selection process. Make your "boring" home much less boring; at the same time, if you think you already have a nice home, enhance it further with mosaic tiles. For more suggestions, visit

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