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Crucial Factors to Consider before Network Installation

by nitconnect

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The advancement of technology has helped in greater productivity and faster connectivity. However, on the downside it has also raised various issues related to privacy. In the competitive world today, it is important for every organization to have a strong network, which not only caters to its present need, but will also deliver when future expansions are planned. A good network forms an integral part of the support services and is responsible for an effective communication between the organizations.

The organization should carefully review the factors that affect the network

A poor network could be detrimental to the performance and efficiency of an organization. Keep on reading the various parameters that affect the performance of the network:–

Usage: The first factor to consider while the installation of the network is the usage, which means who all, will use the network. An organization needs to define the areas that will require the network and gather input from the actual users of the network. Failing to do so may result in an overburdened network that may be required to change completely. It is imperative for an organization to abstain from generalization and work upon customization instead.

Expansion: It is quite natural that as the organization grows, its network also goes through an expansion. While installation of a network it is important to consider factors such as, expansion, employee retention, development and recruitments. The network should be able to bear future growth without completely replacing it or replacing patches at high costs. This is where a computer network services provider comes in handy, as they easily understand the present and future requirements of a network.

Design: One of the important factors for a network is deciding upon the design of the network. This means factors such as, various types of topologies, workstations, cabling, operating systems and workstation NICs, needs to be known before the installation of the network. Other things that need to be accounted for include the locations of the servers, cables, peripherals and computers.

Security: In today’s world, security is a major concern for every organization as a lax approach can put the network at the threat of viruses and other unscrupulous elements. Therefore, it is important to be doubly sure about the policies and protocols that an organization should adopt to keep its network safe from any threats.

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