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Say No to ugly braces, turn to Invisalign from a professiona

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Have you ever suffered from the trauma of unsightly braces to correct your misaligned teeth? If yes, then you are not alone as thousands of New Yorkers, every year, get their teeth fitted with braces. However, with the advent in the field of cosmetic dentistry, it is easy to align crooked teeth with the help of aligners also known as Invisalign. There are many who are not familiar with this cosmetic dentistry innovation.

In the section below, let us understand more about Invisalign and its uses with the help of a professional,

Understanding Invisalign: The best way to correct crooked teeth is with the help of Invisalign that is indiscernible in appearance. These clear aligners are customized to the need of the patient and are generally constructed out of a medical grade polymer. This painless alternative corrects teeth by moving it little by little until they achieve its correct position. The aligners are built and calibrated using 3-D technology and the candidate can track the course of healing easily on the computer. A cosmetic dentist NYC professional easily fits these aligners in a few appointments and you can learn to say goodbye to messy wires and braces.

Each aligner is usually worn for a few weeks and is then replaced by the next aligners in the series. These can also be conveniently removed when a person wants to eat, drink, brush and floss. The number of aligners used for a candidate may differ along with the treatment time. On an average treatment time may require anywhere from nine to fifteen months.

Advantages of using Invasalign

There are various advantages offered by this cosmetic dentistry procedure over traditional braces. Those using traditional braces always face the problem of collective movement of the teeth. This results in movement of even normal teeth that needs to be corrected later. Invisalign, on the other hand, provides specific treatment that only target crooked teeth that need to be moved to their correct position. Moreover, the treatment time and the number of appointments required are less compared to the conventional braces. Maintenance of traditional braces could be quite cumbersome as they are prone to trapped food and plaque. Invisalign, on the other hand, requires lesser care as they are easier to clean and are easy to remove.

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