CopyPastehas never been so tasty!

CopyPaste has never been so tasty!

by anonymous

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    • educators
      The improve in the charges is just the impact of a larger problems in the U.S. Levels are being overrated, significance almost everyone is already in higher education getting a level and getting encounter, etc. and now it’s different because years ago, companies recommended employees with levels but now that it’s typical, it requires away the value of it and even if you do have encounter, learners are already competitive in that as well (resume develop up). Get more such stuff read at ( ).Scholars definitely give rise to the typical United States using cash than what they really have, some because they want to and others because they have to. Either way, it definitely performs a big part as a whole. There are many more but rather than disagreeing whether this is genuine information or not, I think that individuals here should reevaluate their own programs on what they want to do in university or for their upcoming.
    • womdavid
      our companies, all of them sell debt, not products.
      i.e. get a honda accord for $0 down and a loan of 20,000 for 5 years. america and all monetary systems are based on debt not value or dollars that can be paid back. that's the way the system is designed. we shouldn't be mad at the people for operating in a flawed system. we need to change the system
    • funnystats
      Some of these stats are definitely misleading. I would advise looking them up for yourselves before jumping to conclusions. I would also like to have seen something like the average salary of a person who didn't attend any sort of college...
    • simla
      this is my post.. :)
      why is it anonymous ?
    • physgrad
      the median is a meaningless average, what is the mean salary for ivyleague grads, i doubt it is worth the extra money but still, dont manipulate statistics for impact please
    • ecass
      In defense of the maple syrup class, the same thing is offered at my school (Paul Smith's in NY) but it is so interactive and cool - you do the whole process. And have you noticed how EXPENSIVE (REAL) maple syrup is? To know how to do that, even just as a hobby, is like a mini gold mine. 
    • rowdy1
               Since you seem to hate this country so much then please do not keep yourself miserable any longer, stop punishing yourself and move to a third world country and say hi to their ever so pleasant dictator as he steals everything of value that you possess.  Oh please do move there and stop the agony of this terrible country that so mistreats you.  Or, maybe we just don't give you enough welfare?  What is it you so desire, maybe a bit more for rent, more food stamps to purchase that lobster or prime rib?  What more handouts could we possibly give you to keep you here.  C'mon, please let's bankrupt this lowlife country even further just for you....
    • Me
      Wow, its funny how people just can't believe these statistics when this is a NATIONWIDE statistics. Of course everyone is different but the whole idea is that this is the AVERAGE thus, even if it does or doesn't apply to you, its something that needs to be looked into. Frankly, I'm not even surprised because there are a lot of things that contributed to these results, they may be more but here's what I'm seeing (which you don't need to even be college educated to even notice): (1) with our $12 trillion debt and our economic crisis, education (especially public colleges) take into affect as well. The increase in the fees is just the consequence of a bigger issues in the U.S. (2) degrees are being overrated, meaning almost everyone is already in college getting a degree and getting experience, etc. and this time its different because decades ago, employers preferred workers with degrees but now that its common, it takes away the value of it and even if you do have experience, students are already competing in that as well (resume build up). (3) college students definitely contribute to the average American using money than what they really have, some because they want to and others because they have to. Either way, it definitely plays a big role as a whole. There are plenty more but rather than arguing whether this is a legit data or not, I think that people here should reconsider their own plans on what they want to do in school or for their future. 
    • adam
      did u research this topic, emma ?
    • Emma
      wow, these satistics are all wrong...
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