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In simple terms, the process of CD duplication involves copying the content of a CD into another. The content almost has the same quality as the original. The process is very simple and inexpensive. The technique is meant for more personal use and requires individual discs for data burning. It is a very affordable option for customers who are looking for a small run of discs. A recordable disc is burned with the content directly onto the top quality blank media. It is recommended for units less than 1,000. CD replication is the standard process of producing CDs in bulk. It is a quick and cost effective method, especially for larger quantities.

Processes of CD Duplication and Replication

The process of CD duplication is not very tough as the tools and techniques used are very simple. Your duplication needs can be met even by your personal computer, but it is advisable to hand the task to a reputed company for a more professional and flawless approach. One of the main reasons for its rising popularity is that it can save a lot of your quality time as the process is very fast. It helps in restoring backup copies of important data so that information can be easily recovered, if lost. The technology is mainly used for creating personal music CDs, CDs of movies, for making DVDs etc. The process of CD replication is mostly meant for business purposes. It includes the creation of a glass master from the client’s original master. Master molds or stampers are created from the glass master which are then used as prototypes for replication. The created discs are then further reinforced with a reflective aluminum sheet. To give the CDs a professional appearance, molding also requires some labeling and casing. As the process is fully computerized, results can be achieved within a short duration of time. The whole procedure is a definite process and factors like pollen and dust cannot harm the CDs quality of exact copy. It ensures reliable quality of data and at a reasonable rate.

Difference between CD Duplication and Replication

CD duplication is a convenient process for every person. It normally takes 3-5 days for the whole method. CD pressing or CD replication should be taken up to create above 1,000 discs. Both the processes produce the same end result and the only difference lies in the turnover time and quantity, instead of the quality.

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