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Carol Sand MAP Houston - Insights on Executive Career Coachi

by SamuelLanghorne

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When the tenure of a CEO or any other top executive is nearing an end, many companies are faced with the dilemma of either grooming one of their own or importing tried-and-tested external expertise. According to executive career coaching expert Carol Sand MAP Houston, many organizations go for the first option as the learning curve involved is much shorter ideally because the executive/s in question is already knowledgeable about the firm’s operations. There is need therefore to build the necessary capabilities in the current crop of a company to ensure that these employees will be effectively adept in both their current and future roles.

So, what does executive coaching entail? Carol Sand MAP Houston starts her process by building a cordial relationship with the client and this entails an in-depth interview that delves into the client’s education and work background. Courtesy of career and personality assessments the career coach is able to discover the strengths, work styles and interests that the individual is all about, and which will be helpful in creating an individualized career development plan. This is the kind of plan that helps executives to develop their management and leadership skills so as to be commensurate with today’s competitive market. It also provides the base on which a relationship between an executive and the career coach is formed, and which will act as a platform for proffering management consulting and targeted business advice.

A word of caution though is that currently many executives are being groomed for senior management without them having a firm grasp on the requisite values. In short, values are the elements in a person’s working life that he/she considers to be important. Since these are the important driving factors of your life, building your career based on these values results in attaining the much needed motivation for everyday work, and ultimately career success and fulfillment. It is therefore crucial to know and understand your values otherwise this could be the undoing of your career. Carol Sand MAP Houston will help you to discover the things that really matter in your life in order to help you find the work-life balance needed for success in future job promotions.

Nonetheless, for career coaching to bear fruits, the client/executive in question needs to be willing, transparent and enthusiastic so as to be fed with constructive and objective feedback from the career coach. It is absolutely necessary for clients to be honest with themselves and the career coach otherwise the effort is bound to become a mere round-in-the-park that won’t be helpful to anyone.

Carol Sand MAP Houston summarizes the benefits of executive career coaching as follows: A means to identify the competencies and strengths of an executive so as to develop better management skills and effective leadership. This is achieved by establishing the focus and direction that a strategic career plan should follow with an aim to enhance time and task management needed to effectively deal with organizational change, developing better oral and written communication skills, creating a bright professional persona to establish credibility, and attaining top performance without jeopardizing a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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