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Will Widespread uptake of MMS Revolutionise Mobile?

by anonymous

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As mobile begins to take an ever dominant place in the modern world of communications and technology, its capacity for marketing and advertising are also catching the eye of major corporations. Recent developments in Mobile capabilities means previously, relatively unused services such as Multimedia Messaging Services (or MMS) are being revived and used as part of the new mobile revolution. With this revival though, could widespread uptake of MMS revolutionise mobile?


Up until recently, mobile itself has not been considered by many corporations a viable or effective means of advertising and reaching customers. Mobile capabilities have only really taken a step into a new age in the last decade or so and even then corporations saw the difficulty in establishing mobile based advertising when customers phones were still incapable of receiving messages properly, especially in the case of MMS. Much like the early days of email, MMS was hindered by content delivery constraints thus making MMS neither engaging nor effective.


Latest developments in mobile technology now means that mobiles can receive rich text, image and even sound in their messages, which for MMS is the first step in its widespread uptake. With this ability, MMS messages can now include voice, music and even animations which take the style of message able to be delivered onto a near parallel with that of conventional advertising such as radio and television.


Mobile marketing however has shown an impressive ability to cater to specific target audiences. With MMS, this ability can be taken to the next step, engaging, informative and above all targeted advertisements can be sent to customers when they are on the go. This trumps the age old tradition of corporations fighting for expensive prime time television ad slots, and presents a more immediate and effective means of advertising at a fraction of the cost.


MMS already holds outstanding capabilities for advertising, and with mobile and mobile advertising increasing in popularity amongst businesses and audiences, it holds vast potential for development. As technologies increase constantly, MMS could become more tailored, more engaging and even more interactive than conventional advertising mediums making widespread uptake not only revolutionary for mobile, but for advertising as a whole.




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