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Is Mobile Marketing "Spam"?

by anonymous

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Spam - known to most and generally hated by most recipients - is basically using electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited and generally unwelcomed messages in vast quantities and indiscriminately. It is an economically viable way of mass mailing by advertisers but is generally proven ineffective. So is mobile marketing simply a form of Spam? Well, the short answer is No - absolutely not and here are the reasons why.....


Mobile marketing is first and foremost solicited communication. It is a way of communicating with the consumer via his mobile device via a simple marketing message so as to introduce the user to a new product, campaign or to allow them to visit a mobile website. The user has made the first initial contact via his mobile, therefore unlike Spam which is random and indiscriminate, mobile marketing is personal, welcomed, customised and directed at an interested user.


Comparing and contrasting mobile marketing and spam; unlike the widely disliked and wholly intrusive Spam, mobile marketing pays much more heed to consumer privacy with opt-in and opt-out terms and rules for the user. Mobile marketing is considerate of the consumer's rights about information held on databases and the marketer's rights to contact them in the future. Spammers care less about privacy, legalities and rights and even outsource to countries where the spamming will not get them into legal hot water.


The Mobile Marketing Association in the US has its own code of conduct with fundamental principles for all members encouraging members to create campaigns that will enhance and protect the consumer experience.


Mobile marketing is, in essence, about choice and consent with the emphasis on advertisers to use it with constraint and sensitivity, not to inundate users as spam does. This is the only way to enjoy a long and productive relationship with the consumer, whereas, we all know from personal experience that spam is generally instantly deleted, ignored and certainly not welcomed or acted upon.



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