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Retirement Planning Calculator

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One of the important decisions an individual has to take in his/her earning life is to decide upon a retirement age and save according. The market is inundated with various providers of retirement solutions in order to save well for those much-awaited years of life. Most of these providers make use of retirement planning calculators in order to project the required savings for a retirement.


A retirement planning calculator is usually a built in application or widget embedded in most websites that can be accessed free of cost in order to ascertain the retirement nest required by a person. A simple search through any browser would yield hundreds of hits for the topic of retirement calculators. Planning a requirement is an inevitable part of a person’s life and a retirement calculator helps to simulate the various expenses and project the savings an individual may require.


In the section below let us have a look at the various things to look for in a retirement planning calculators  while assessing the savings required for those golden years.


  1. A good calculator should be able to assess the effect of withdrawals or additions from the savings of an individual. This is useful to gauge the progress of a person towards retirement and deters him/her from making any withdrawals from the retirement savings for personal expenses.
  2. An ideal retirement calculator helps to forecast the levels of the inflation that can affect the expenses of an individual. It is common to expect living the same standards of lifestyle even after retirement. Hence, a calculator takes in to account the various expenses that might be affected due to the rising levels of inflation.
  3. Most calculators account for all the expenses that are encountered by a person in the normal course of everyday life. This may range from food, clothing, taxes, healthcare, insurance, debts, education, gifts, recreation and other miscellaneous costs.
  4. Retirement calculators also helps an individual to see if there is any shortcomings in his/her projected savings and also taking other parameters like alternate form of incomes to project if the shortcoming is fulfilled.
  5. An ideal calculator should also store the results of previous projections in order to compare with any past projections that have been made.



Retirement planning Calculators are useful devices that assist an individual to project the retirement income and save well for the future. Visit for further details


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