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IT resource augmentation

by an7home

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In many businesses, there are times when a person will constantly put on fires and will work non-stop for getting new systems in place. This has proved to be a great challenge for IT managers. They should know how to increase the levels of staffing permanently. However, there is a peak period wherein IT is put under pressure. No company will hire a person who will be utilized only marginally. This is very bad for the bottomline and is not at all good for personnel morale in general.

This is the only reason why the IT solution providers are providing IT resource augmentation services.  This allows the firms for hiring personnel who will stay with them for a very short period of time.  It will be there just for 3 to 6 months.  One can work with normal staff as well. There is a big difference between a staff augmentation resource and a consultant. A consultant is normally the one who works on a specific project. His augmentation resource is able to jump from one project to another as per dictated by business needs.

It is not that the augmentation of personnel is done during the peak periods. However, augmented hardware is also being utilized by firms along with other IT equipment. This will surely help them during various periods. They will also have a temporary need for development of additional hardware. They can also get a system online for a few months for helping the process of backlogged data. After all, there is no need for investing in expensive system that a person will use only for a few months.  Many solution providers are having their resource on demand  and staff and this can be easily put into place. In some cases, IT staffing helps to a great extent. 

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