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Motorcycle Helmet Laws and Insurance

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Helmet laws for bikers and other motorcycle drivers vary from state to state, and almost without exception, they are often a bone of contention among bikers, insurance companies, and lawmakers. While it is undeniable that helmets can help to prevent serious injury, rights groups often view such laws as an affront to their personal freedom. On various occasions, federal laws have been proposed even as many states have given in to the pressure of groups that consistently resist helmet laws, and it remains a controversial subject for many people, usually depending on where one lives. In the United States, only three states have no laws whatsoever pertaining to the use of motorcycle helmets, while 20 states require everyone riding a motorcycle to wear one. The remaining 23 states require minors and passengers to wear helmets.


Some lawmakers argue that mandating the use of helmets in states like Texas may decrease Fort Worth motorcycle insurance premiums because the risk for serious head injuries is diminished. Rights activists, however, disagree and argue that the insurance companies are more concerned about people driving cars who may cause injury to motorcycle drivers, and are seeking to avoid having to pay their medical costs. According to this perspective, driving a motorcycle is more risky because people tend not to see the bike and pull out in front, possibly injuring the driver. If the motorcycle driver is wearing a helmet mandated by law, the insurance company will have to pay less for injuries because they will likely be less serious or severe.


So, while some argue that the mandated use of helmets is advocated to protect motorcycle drivers from injury and to reduce their motorcycle insurance premiums, those who feel that their rights are being violated argue that mandating helmet use is really to protect the insurance companies from having to pay out on the policies of other kinds of vehicles.


Both situations may actually be true. It is common sense that if you are wearing a helmet, you are protecting your head in the event of a crash. If you have a motorcycle insurance policy in Fort Worth, you are protecting your liability and property, as well. Given that reality, wearing a motorcycle helmet is less of a risk both to you physically, as well as to the motorcycle insurance company in Fort Worth that covers you. It is also less of a risk to other drivers and their policies. So in short, everybody wins, except those who desire to have the freedom to ride their motorcycles without helmets. Though that complaint has legitimacy, the same could be said of seatbelt laws. The basic dilemma remains: Cater to pragmatic solutions or the principle.


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