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Know More about Occupy Wall Street

by Editor123

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The Occupy Wall Street kind of movement has spread throughout the world in various forms. There’s a Google initiative to create a website that will empower such Occupy Groups around the world. This empowerment is in the form of continual resources and the kind of financial support that peaceful demonstrations require. Your support for these Occupy Wall Street type of donations will be used in providing various resources. These resources are campaign brochures, billboards and banners, posters and flyers besides miscellaneous equipment. Funds are also required to coordinate future events and provide necessities that are related to such campaigns.

The donations for Occupy Wall Street kind of peaceful activity will also be used for Disaster Relief. The web page set up by Google will accept contributions for causes such as natural disasters too. The whole idea behind these Occupy Wall Street kind of donations is to stand united in all crisis as one. It’s obvious that globally, people are protesting against social and economic inequality besides corporate greed and the influence of giant corporations mainly from the financial service sector. The slogan “We are the 99%” therefore defines the difference in the wealth between the 1% cream and the rest in the US. Supporting this voluntary movement with a contribution will secure the future for bulk of the global citizens.

To support the Occupy Wall Street and similar causes one can purchase a money savings club card. By purchasing this card you will be rewarded in several ways. The card will enable you to participate in an email draw for $10,000 as gift by means of a random method of selection on reaching the set goal. The $10 paid will be rebated the moment the Shopping Wizard has been downloaded. Cash will be earned each time you shop in the online stores that are participating in the Occupy Wall Street donations campaign. You can find the best deals and coupons that are available at hundreds of retail stores known nationally. You will save 75% on all online purchases. The entire effort is in aid of the occupiers that are fighting for 99% of us. This figure includes all those that are affected by the recession, that is, the underemployed and the uninsured and the totally insecure. Your contribution will go towards sustaining this fight against inequality.

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