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iPhone Application Development - Latest Trend

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The word “Outsourcing” entails assigning a business function of yours to an external service provider with the required agreements, services and payments discussed and signed. One might wonder why this is done! There are multiple reasons for this, to amplify your business, look out for fresh talents in the market, or could even be to make the product available to the customers faster.

Software development is the major hype in the Indian market as India has fresh and hard working candidates who deliver efficient softwares to their foreign clients with a high rate of atonement. This outsourcing sector of the country is living massive outcomes with overseas organizations as the quality of Indian work is appreciated all over the world. The Indian software revolution emerged from the early 1980s and the first companies that outsourced their business to India are American Express, GE Capital and British Airways.

Talking about the current situation of Software Outsourcing in India; a few years ago only cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi etc were called the software hub but through the recent times NASSCOM in collaboration with the Indian government is making efforts to expand this culture to other smaller towns of the country too as these towns are no less in comparison when it comes to talent and the availability of good graduates. This particular action was taken to subdue the berth of rising competition, clogging an existing infrastructure and high attrition rates.s

This action of the NASSCOM has partially been successful. Instances to support this statement are the General Electric Capital International Services (GECIS) which is a subsidiary of the US Company has lately inaugurated a customer support center in Jaipur, called the Pink city and the tourist heart of the country. Not just one but companies like EXL Service Inc and ICICI OneSource are recruiting huge number of people every month from cities like Chandigarh, Lucknow, Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli, Goa, Pune etc.

Today India’s IT sector is the one that conduces majorly to the economic development of the nation with the laying down of “Software Technology Parks” plus the “Export Enterprise Zones”. The question, why is India so famous for Software outsourcing still persists in our mind. Answer to this is India has massive, skilled, English speaking manpower at par with Singapore and Ireland with high end telecom and infrastructure. To the advantage, are also the strong quality orientation, fast turnaround times, 24X7 services provided, last but not the least a friendly tax structure.

Majorly outsourced projects to India when it comes to Software Development are basically the testing and maintenance services, designing of websites, applications for web enabling legacy, Software as a service (SAAS), Open source software and product development services, Content management and Customer relationship management. Not just the services listed out here but there are n numbers of them outsourced to India. Companies like Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Ford, General Electric, Oracle etc believe in investing huge loads of money on India as the country is known for its capability, potential and foreboded as a source of innovative ideas.

The Author has been writing for over 20 years. He is a qualified journalist and has worked in Software and Software Development Company writing for the last few years especially about IT Outsourcing Companies and Outsource Software Development. For more information visit


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