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Web Self Service Portal – Optimizing Customer Experience

by crmdomain

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Web self service portal provides great customer experience which is a must for any business to grow. Earlier customer experience meant phone interactions with your buyer As customers become more net savvy the ease and convenience of self service is what more and more customer prefers. Companies must now optimize their agent time i.e. offloading routine phone and email enquiries to the web. With web self service portal a business can drive down the cost of supporting and helping customers, minimising the work load at the customer executive centres at the same time providing superior customer experience.

Web self service portal enables customers to find out answers and detailed information about any inquiries anytime, anywhere without the help of the customer service executives. Moreover, when a customer interact with the business website or ask any queries, the knowledge base in the solution is updated making the answer and information readily available for the next customer interaction.

Artificial intelligence technology’ is also included in the customer web self-service portal which enables the tool to "learn" the information searched by customers and apply the same insight to ensure whatever is searched is found. Moreover, if a customer is unable to find the desired information required by him, he can get in touch with the executive via email, phone or chat.

Web Self Service portal will enable your organisation to have the below following benefits:

Real Time Access Anytime, Anywhere: It gives real time access from anywhere, provided if an internet connection is available. The company contact centre schedule doesn’t have to match with the hours of operation with your customer – customer can log in at their leisure time and view the status of their problem queries directly from home without so much as picking up the phone.

Effective and efficient support: Web Self service portal allows more efficient support representatives, allowing the executive to have more control over each individual case that comes into the system. The representative will have full access to your customer history and they can refer on the trouble ticket to demonstrate to the customer which problems are recurring and which are unique. They can also link solutions from other customer's problems back to the original trouble ticket, saving time and money, and letting your support representative work on what they do best to solve the problems.

Giving cases Online: Customers don’t need to contact your representative to submit case/queries; they can simply log in through the web service portal and submit the case which is then instantly available to the correct representative based on routing controls you specify. This frees up your phone lines for customers who don't have internet access, and allows those who do much more automated and efficient service than sitting in a hold queue at your contact centre.

Enhanced efficiency leading to customer happiness: No customer likes to wait around. They want their issues to be solved immediately and expect minimum waiting period. Web self service portal will give your representative more efficiency, minimising turn-around time on support cases and giving customers more time to accomplish other scheduled tasks instead of waiting on hold. By doing this your business can have better customer satisfaction, customer trustworthiness and customer preservance.



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