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How to Choose a Pearl Pendant

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Pearls are timeless gems that can be passed down from generation to generation. Because pearls are so diverse, there is a pearl that every woman will love, whether it be a necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, or pearl pendant. Pearl pendants are a perfect gift to show someone the importance they have in your life. The true elegance of pearl pendants relies on the beauty of the pearl. Characteristics that are considered when choosing pearl jewelry and determining high quality are luster, (the way the light reflects off the pearl) roundness, and surface quality of the pearl (Whether or not the pearls surface has any blemishes).

With pearls, the variety of colors, shapes and sizes that can be grown are limitless, thereby making pearls one of the most versatile gems in the world. At Aloha Pearls we specialize in selecting only the highest quality pearl to make the perfect pendent for you. Our pearls are matched with high quality precious metals to create a perfect and magnificent piece of jewelry just for you. Pearl pendants are, and have been a truly special gift for many generations. With the advancements in growing pearls today, and the perfection of technique, pearls take on many more shapes, sizes and colors than they used to. A large Tahitian pearl might be placed with a South Sea pearl, or a large white freshwater might be set on yellow gold and be incased with diamonds. You can choose from Freshwater, Akoya salt water, Tahitian or South Sea pearls to customize your pendant. Each pearl is set within a precious metal that adds to its elegance and charm. When looking for something stylish and modern that no one else will have, take a look at our selection of designs, we guarantee you will find one that says you care at

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