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Self Learning for Children

by anonymous

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Children curiously interact with and learn about the world. They spent most of their time with their toys and learn things through them. Toys inspire them and sometimes children starts behaving like their toys.

Girls below age 7 to 8 dress themselves like their Barbie doll. Boys on the other take more interest in trucks and cars. No matter what toy they choose or how they dress themselves, but what matter is they are actually learning things in any sense. A child starts differentiating between colours, voices and behaviours, most of the time it is because of their toys.

Therefore parents must be conscious for choosing right toys for their kids so that what they learn should be fruitful. Parents should also consider their child’s interest and ability because no all kids have same bent of mind. They all learn by the natural five senses e.g. sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. Developing social etiquettes, learning to share and conquer fears are the most valuable skills children learn through educational toys.


Children develop a strong urge of manipulating things and solving problems on their own. They gain innovative thinking and self confidence by playing with educational toys and games. If parents boost their children to play with these kinds of toys then they also step up the bonding between themselves with their children.

An Educational toys and books for toddlers help children to think independently as they are self motivating and persistence. 3 to 5 years old kid when starts playing with other kids of their age they share pleasure of proving their unique identity and knowledge. A school going child looks for exceptional information and challenges in play as well as in real life. Children of this age starts participating in group activities like pottery, different kinds of sports, storytelling, memory games, building construction sets etc. 9 to 12 years old kid knows very well to play tricks and advanced social behavior. He can now be able to take independent decisions as his mind became social active. He became a complete self learner and can mange books, jigsaw puzzles, science kits independently.

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