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Exploring the basic concepts of text marketing

by txt2get

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Most people cannot live their day to day lives without mobile phones and this is why many businesses insist on marketing themselves through these devices because they are sure that their messages will effectively reach the intended persons.

Text marketing also provides a two-way communication channel - a characteristic desired in modern marketing circles - and which TV, print and radio are not capable of. It is also an affordable channel available to firms that do not have the financial muscle to cope with the costs and demands of conventional marketing techniques.

This is however not to say that text marketing can suffice on its own. Indeed, this is somewhat impossible because we need the aforementioned media as well as others such as the internet to effectively spread out all the keywords and short codes being used in the running of a company’s SMS marketing campaign. Text mobile marketing is applicable for all forms of businesses regardless of whether they are based online or otherwise.

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