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An Insight into Measuring Titration Uncertainty

by epublicrelations

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In order to use the result of a chemical analysis for other purposes, its quality must be assessed. One important quality feature is the probability that the result coincides with the 'true' value. It is obtained by the evaluation of the measurement uncertainty. Although fully detailed and available to perform unassisted, the calculation of measurement uncertainty can be a complex process.

The webinar 'Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty (MU) in Titration' guides you through the individual steps of this evaluation by using the example of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) titrant standardization with potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP). The shown principle can be applied to any other titrimetric analysis.The webinar walks you through all steps to consider when evaluating the measurement uncertainty of a titration offering insights into everything involved in the titration process, including but not limited to; laboratory temperature, balance or pipette accuracy during sample preparation, reagents, and the titration accessories such as burette, sensorbeing used.

An often neglected component of EN/ECN/ISO17025 compliance is that one must quantify the measurement uncertainty of an analysis in the laboratory. In addition to having the properly documented uncertainty calculation for your titration, the MU is critical to know when setting product specification limits. Knowing the MU allows one to adjust the product limits to also include the uncertainty, assuring products are well within limits without doubt.

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Gain important insights into your titration's measurement uncertainty to stay compliant with ISO regulations, learn how to optimize your analysis for the best repeatability and accuracy and gain the confidence needed to set your specification levels with the MU in Titration webinar.

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