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15 Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

by anonymous

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The  web design in Toronto is on an advanced phase, with the maximum users switching on to the digital mode. While the designers in Toronto are providing their best services in the best of times the industry can expect, there are some very common mistakes which get critical from the design perspective.

Here is a list of the most common flaws in scope with the Toronto web development enthusiasts at work:

  1. Unusual Fonts: Pay special attention to the fonts. These get critical in capturing the readers’ attention or moving them away. The very unusual fonts may be exciting to the web designer, but may not be to the reader. The standard fonts with a little variation, not hampering the readability are the ideal choice. To provide elegance to the page, consider using 2 or 3 fonts at maximum.
  2. Hidden Advertisements: Never insert the advertisements within the main content. This will immediately drive away the readers who do not wish to be interrupted with the unnecessary ads while they are on their topic of interest.
  3. Forced Registration: Registration to your website can be an option to the visitors. But never make it a mandate. While they are able to check the part of the content, they may be asked to register themselves for further insight.
  4. Design Too Complex: Avoid the complex design for the landing page. The simpler it is, the better impact it will have. The landing page must be very clean and organized with the relevant content.
  5. Graphics: Avoid the animated graphics. The animations are widely known to distract the visitors from the main content.
  6. Hidden Main Links: The links to the important sections on the main page are seldom hidden. The reader neither finds the time nor patience to go through the entire content to reach the desired sections. Such links can be provided together either at the top, or as the footer on the page.
  7.  Browser Incompatibility: As a proficient website designer Toronto, do not restrict the site display with the specific browsers. Considering a wide range of audience who has access to the internet, it is vital that your page and the embedded links work perfectly well with all the browsers.
  8. Lengthy Introduction: Keep the introduction at the minimum length. There will be a very few number of visitors who will be more interested in the author than the content.
  9. Flash: Avoid using flash on the page. The flashes consume a lot of loading time and are considered the most major flaw with the static page design.
  10. Underlining Text: Do not underline the text to highlight that. This is because it resembles the appearance of a link. This disappoints the readers who click the underlined text in a hope to get more information.
  11. Clarity on Site Theme: Once on your page, make it obvious what your website is all about, quite clearly.
  12. Content Overflow: Do not allow the content overflow on the landing page. This is where most of the new designers fail, while they try to accommodate everything they have on a single page.
  13. Continuous Content: Include sub heading for content clarity wherever possible.
  14. Pop-ups: Never ever use the pop up windows on your page. Those are an immediate annoyance.
  15. Navigation: Prefer text navigation to the other navigating options.

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