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Solutions in Handling Projects Through Top Quality Raw Mater

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If you are engaged in handling any project whether it is for business or just a pastime, and you need quality raw materials, Raw Material Suppliers are the ones you can trust upon. We are into supply of high grade raw materials which include food grade silicone and those used for resin casting.

Pattern mold release

We recommend our Pattern Mold Release which is silicone free and an excellent releaser of pattern from master molds of silicone. You will find this product a high performing lubricant for use in food processing, and being free of vegetable and animal fat oil, they will not harm the end product. The salient properties of this lubricant include being stable and give long lasting performance even under 350 degrees Fahrenheit. They are non inflammable, non toxic and non marking which makes them the ultimate choice for silicone mold pattern release.

Silicone mold making

Our Monster Clay product is for those engaged in sculpting and is non toxic, sulfur free and wax based to prevents sticking to fingers or tools. This medium for sculpting has a smooth formulation and melting feature under mild temperature which makes them elastic with high plasticity to handle the work without any mess. Our silicone mold making products are of international quality and are versatile in their use for various types of silicone molding. They are translucent and guaranteed to give high performances which are made of epoxy, soap, cement concrete, wax, polyester, low melting metals, Hydrostone and Urethane. Some are highly resistant to chemicals and lacerations and help to maintain accuracy of the highest level in silicone mold making. They are also resistant to high tear and for their non stickiness and low shrinkage, these products are indispensable while handling silicone molding.

Resin casting

Why not try our resin casting products which are of high quality and non toxic and water based and borne, which makes them easy to handle for casting, laminating and molding. They are easy to mix and are designed to be feathered, sanded, cut and tooled to give excellent finishing effect. Their uses are versatile and are ideal for handling 3D projects which include figures, mannequins, architectural works, scenic designing, prototyping, foam coating and many other handiworks. These products are ideal for restoration and repair work.

We are proud to be a leading supplier of raw materials for various purposes and going through the reviews posted in our website you will come to know why we are so. Our customer support is of the highest standard which makes our clients come back to us.