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Walling Out Wind with Durable Siding and Windows in Michigan

by herbkoguchi

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Michigan is divided into two distinct regions based on the type of weather each experiences. The upper half experiences longer and colder winters, thanks to its proximity to the large lake system. On the other hand, the lower half (particularly the areas along the extreme southern border) are very prone to destructive tornadoes.

Tornadoes are a deadly force to contend with, and everybody will want to stay indoors while such a storm rages outside. A house, however, might not be in good shape following the passing of a tornado. Homeowners, then, should assess the damage dealt to their homes by nature, and then have their siding or windows in Michigan replaced if found damaged.

Most tornadoes are the result of a supercell thunderstorm, so folks need to be wary of the situation if it looks like a thunderstorm is looking worse for everyone. When the tornadoes do form, they will produce winds with speeds between 110 mph to a hair-raising 300 mph—such strength is enough to send debris both small and large flying in all directions. Worse, the effects of a thunderstorm might follow these tornadoes, so rain or hail could drop from the sky too.

Siding serves as the “armor” of a home's outer wall, and is the most likely to take damage after a cyclone devastates the area. The flying debris and hail could do a number on the cladding with enough hits. Following the natural calamity, householders should replace destroyed cladding with new and durable Michigan siding.

Even more fragile than the siding of a house are its windows, which shouldn't come as a surprise considering that they're made of glass. The fragility of glass makes it an easy target for breakage should debris or hail fly right through it. Just like siding, damaged windows have to be promptly replaced after the inclement weather subsides.

Michigan's tornadoes can and will destroy homes they pass through, and citizens will need to be on the lookout for any destroyed parts and repair their homes accordingly after the storm. For both window and siding repair, householders can rely on local contractors to carry out the job. For more on preparing a house for a tornado, see

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