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GHS Labeling and classification: Benefits Revealed

by thecomplinancecenter

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Chemicals from their very step of production to handling and transport could be quite dangerous for the mankind if not dealt with carefully. There are a lot of chemicals that affect your life and you deal with them regularly in different ways that you may never know. Similarly in the world there are numerous people with different level of understanding about the potent nature of such chemicals. Therefore it was well needed to have some strict guidelines while handling such items specially during transportation. This led to the formulation of specific guidelines and every country used to have their individual set of transport instructions. Eventually it led to a lot of confusion and the need of a universal system was born which is now known as the GHS. Founded by the United Nations, GHS or globally Harmonized System of Transportation of Chemicals aims to form a standard system for classifying chemicals and the related hazards.

As GHS labeling system is a universal standard therefore the main advantage of it is that it removes all sorts of conflicts. Different standards poses confusion and companies often found it expensive and troublesome to deal with varying regulations especially when shipping is done across the international borders. Actually for the transporters, GHS regulation is a cost-friendly proposal as the operation costs gets substantially reduced. It’s so because there is no need to change containers and labels every time the boundaries get changed. Moreover GHS also increases safety to a great extent for the worker. It’s so because different standards used to be confusing for them. For the workers it’s quite important to understand the potent nature of chemical they are dealing with to keep themselves safe. Additionally its when they would completely understand the true nature of the material then only they would be able to deal with emergency situations such as spills, fire etc efficiently. A simple universal system that is the GHS supports this and increases awareness amongst the workers. Another advantage of the GHG is that it reduces animal testing as now the knowledge of the effects created by the concerned chemical is globally available.

You may see that adopting the GHS regulations is quite beneficial in terms of affordability, convenience and safety. This classification has two major parts, first the classifying the chemicals as per the rules and second forms the identification strategy in the form of hazardous shipping labels. These labels utilize different color codes, hazard statements, symbols and signal words that makes the identification quite easier. If you are a transporter that deals with deals with hazardous shipments then GHS regulations could be a boon for you. If you find managing such labels somewhat difficult then you can use the services of specialized companies that offer complete packaging solutions in this regard.

The author is experienced professional who deals with hazmat materials. In this article he explains the benefits of the GHS labeling system in hazardous material transportation.


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