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Drug Testing in St Louis MO:Step When Screening Employees

by tashaboone

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It's perfectly logical to want to do a thorough background check on job applicants before having them sign on to your company in St Louis, Missouri. Doing so would enable you to find out certain traits, information, or medical conditions that you need to be aware of so you could decide whether or not a person is suitable for your company's needs, and if he could become an asset or a liability.

There are different ways for you to conduct your research and screening process, but one of the most important strategies is requiring prospective applicants to undergo drug testing in St Louis MO. A little amount of urine, hair sample, saliva, or blood can tell you a lot about a person. Hopefully, through drug testing and other pre-employment screening methods, you get to screen applicants effectively and choose the most suitable one for the job.

How Drug Testing is Done

Drug testing can be done in several ways, but there are a couple of simple testing methods that even mobile or satellite clinics can conduct. Basic drug testing is usually done by obtaining samples of urine, blood, hair, or saliva that are then mixed with chemical reagents, wherein the presence of a reaction (or lack thereof) indicates either a positive or a negative result.

When there are positive reactions, it means that drug metabolites are present in the sample and further testing may be necessary to confirm the results. In urine, for instance, the presence of drug metabolites can cause a chemical reaction, often a change in color, when the drug testing reagent is added into the sample provided by the applicant.

Drug tests aren't always 100% accurate, but having them conducted does help your company avoid bringing in liabilities. Although not all drug users have criminal records or have been involved in any kind of misconduct, a company with a goal to create a drug-free and safe workplace for all employees can't afford to forgo pre-employment drug screenings.

There are more ways to screen potential employees, but having them go through St Louis MO drug testing is the first essential step. To know more about how drug testing works, you can visit and

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