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Why are Frozen Yogurt Shops So Popular these Days?

by josephcarr

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According to some financial experts, frozen yogurt (or FroYo) is set to become one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. They say that this is because Americans are becoming more health-conscious, although that is barely scratching the surface of what makes FroYo so popular. Here are just some of the reasons why certain frozen yogurt shops are good investments for people who wish to take a shot at the world of frozen treats:

FroYo is healthy

Unlike ice cream, frozen yogurt is made using probiotics (good bacteria) that give it many health benefits and its distinctive, tangy taste. Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, two examples of probiotics used in frozen yogurt, can help treat digestive ailments, improve the immune system, and regulate the body's intake of calcium. These probiotics can also benefit people who are lactose intolerant since the bacteria will break down any lactose they take-in for them.

Additionally, frozen yogurt has a lower fat content simply because it doesn't use cream at all. Many yogurt shops take this a step further by using low-fat or nonfat milk whenever they make their products. With these many health benefits, it's easy to see why frozen yogurt is very popular among fitness buffs and health advocates, not to mention those people who are on a diet.

FroYo has more variety.

The 1980s saw the decline of the frozen yogurt industry because it simply tried to mimic the best things about ice cream (like flavor selection). However, recent innovations have given the frozen treat a second chance by adding more flavors and toppings like cran-raspberries or green tea-flavored yogurt. Improvements in production have also given yogurt shops the means to create even more yogurt variants like tart yogurt, Greek-style, Swiss/custard, and others.

FroYo shops are a good place to hang out.

Many frozen yogurt franchises understand that the old “ice cream parlor” setup is dying out, especially among young people. This is why a lot of frozen yogurt shops now resemble modern-day cafes and bars with the usual amenities like lounges, high-definition TVs, and wireless Internet access. These make frozen yogurt shops a decent place for couples, friends, and families to, literally, chill out.

With these all these reasons, it shouldn't be a surprise to see FroYo staying for many years to come. For a more-detailed look at FroYo's health benefits, visit:

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