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6 Reasons Why Start Up Companies use ColdFusion

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The ongoing recessional phase of the economy is making it difficult for startup companies to develop robust web applications. On one hand, they have to impress clients by optimizing the aesthetic appeal and performance of their websites. On the other hand, they have to develop the website with limited timescale and resources. So the startup companies often look for a rapid web application development platform that will enable them to build robust internet applications. The latest version of ColdFusion comes with a set of features that complement the web application development projects of both existing and startup businesses. A startup can further avail several advantages by using ColdFusion to build websites, web applications and web services.

Why Startup Companies Must Use ColdFusion 10?

coldfusion application development, hire coldfusion developers, Coldfusion development services1. Enhanced Scalability: Each website, nowadays, needs to be effective in receiving and processing a large number of user requests at a time. So developers have to test the application thoroughly to ensure that it is scalable. As a scalable platform, ColdFusion enables the application to handle heavy load. As the framework has supported several high-traffic websites, a startup can easily avail the advantage. At the same time, built in ehCache integration makes it easier for programmers to make the websites more scalable using clustered caches.

2. Easy to Learn: Unlike the large software firms, the startups cannot afford to hire experienced website developers. So these enterprises mostly develop the web application through inexperienced programmers. It is always easier to opt for a technology that can be learned by the programmers easily and quickly. Similar to HTML, ColdFusion also uses a set of tags. The tags often seem like extension of normal HTML tags. Unlike other scripting languages, ColdFusion can be learned and used by the developers within a short span of time.

3. No Need to Use a Test Server: Often enterprises have to invest in test servers to evaluate the performance and scalability of the application. But ColdFusion comes with a complete application that enables the startup companies to avoid test servers. The application can be used with the IIS and Apache to run the test scripts smoothly. Further, the framework supports Java fully. So the application will work smoothly on operating systems that support Java. As it supports Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard, an enterprise also has options to choose from several databases.

4. Integration with Other Technologies: Often software developers are required to integrate a new interface into the existing software of the client. Also, most web applications use third-party software to improve user experience. A startup company can use ColdFusion to integrate the internet application with a variety of technologies in a fast and cost-efficient way. As the framework is designed based on JVM, it allows programmers to use existing Java frameworks and libraries. Also, the developers can integrate the ColdFusion application with several technologies including XML, SOAP, Java objects, REST, AMF, .NET assemblies, Message Queues and SMS gateways.

5. Support for HTML5: Most people, nowadays, access websites on their mobile devices. So clients want their websites to be compatible with both all types of conventional and mobile devices. ColdFusion 10 is designed with full support for HTML5. The HTML5 support enables programmers to make the web application compatible with different operating systems without writing lengthy code. The feature further makes it easier to optimize user experience by designing the website with video player, interactive charting, web sockets and geo-tagging. Also, the website can be made secure by using advanced encryption and authentication methods.

6. Suitable for Cloud Environment: Most enterprises nowadays invest in building Cloud infrastructure. However, the nature and extent of the investment vary from one company to another. If the startup company has already built a Cloud infrastructure, it can use ColdFusion 10 on Amazon Web Services. In addition to being simple and cost-effective, the feature also makes the framework suitable for the enterprises deploying distributed teams. As most startups outsource projects to keep overheads under control, the web services will help them in building robust websites without incurring any additional expenses.

Each enterprise also has option to choose from different editions of ColdFusion 10. Along with the standard and enterprise editions, a company can also use the developer edition of the ColdFusion application development framework. So it becomes easier for startups to avail the advantages of ColdFusion according to their specific requirements and budget.

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