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Shoes Reveal Women's Marriage Psychological

by anonymous

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1. High heels
Women who like to wear high heels always has mature personality and easy to get along with, they like thinking,intelligent and have a good job. They are responsible and efforts on the work. They usually have a higher requirement for the people and things around. In general, such a woman is more suitable for honest relatively, if you want to pursue her, just care about her. If she think you are a worthy of communication object, usually she not put on AIRS spite you.

2. Sport shoes
Girls who like to wear sports shoes, seemingly easy to get along with, but they are very will protect themselves, vigilance is very strong. She seemed very easily and to get along with a boy, actually she has put these boys as a simple friend, but for the like one in her heart, always keep herself distance away. It is difficult to see the idea of real on her mind, that she has a very fragile emotions under a strong defense.

3. Sandals
Girl likes to wear sandals are fairly confident to herself, like to show their good side. Her friend’s popularity is good, and like to the make friend with boys. Because of more requirement to her boyfriend,  sometimes personality is stubborn, so is not easy to persuade. If you want to be her boyfriend, you are better have more patience.

4. Boots
Women who like the boots mostly love freedom, have independent personality, and don’t like being restricted. They  like to express themselves. They are so clever, and easy to be dream lover of boys. Although they looks as if it is not difficult to close, but if you  want to be her boyfriend, must have a certain talent, and understand her to win her heart.


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