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Roof Replacement: The Tampa Roofer Doesn't Have Time to Wait

by scarletweingarten

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You can have your roof replaced any time, but it's better to do it when there's less chance of rain or snow, like in summer. Sunny days aren't much of a problem when you're living in the far south, but that doesn't rule out the chance of rain when you least expect it. Having the rain fall while roof replacement is underway has disaster written all over it.

Thus, a professional Tampa roofer is never without tarps (also called temporary roof covering) in his arsenal. Roof replacement, in general, takes almost a week to complete; that means plenty of days for the sky to rain down. With a typical lifespan of 90 days, tarps can last long enough for roofers to fix the damage or finish the replacement job. However, the speed of the work still depends on the number of workers the roofing company can field for the job, and the size of the roof.

The sooner the roof replacement can be finished, the better; tarps can only hold for so long before the water starts to leak through them. A roof replacement team can consist of no less than four roofers for faster work on the roof. Usually, a roof replacement takes up almost the entire day, which is why some roofing contractors may not afford to devote too many men on one job unless necessary.

Choosing roofing contractors who have been in the industry for decades is a big advantage in roof replacement projects. At this point, the contractor may have grown large enough to support a bigger staff of sales managers and roofing teams. With the added bonus of experience in the field, replacing the roof may be expedited.

Nevertheless, just to be sure, assess your roof every summer whether or not it needs to be replaced pronto. Rainy days in the south can be just as intense as sunny days; Tampa is no exception. Always go for reputable and experienced Tampa roofing contractors for your replacement needs to beat the wet season deadline. Nobody wants rainwater leaking into the bedroom and drenching your precious electronics.

For more information on the best time to replace a roof, visit You can also ask your local roofing contractor to schedule an assessment and, if necessary, a replacement job.

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