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Which Magento Web Design Solution Suites You Best?

by rogerdavids10

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Magento development has come a long way since its entry into the world in ecommerce in the year 2008, in its small market presence of less than 5 years, Magento company has made a name for itself and is now owned by ebay. With an ever improving track record and an incredible list of solutions, Magento can build small, big or even gigantic web stores effortlessly. Currently, there are a number of world favorite online stores built using Magento website design solutions. Its flexibility as a CMS is wider than most ecommerce platforms. While we can certainly say using magento can do justice to your web retailing needs, the biggest question is which plan offered by magento would suite you the most. Considering the targeted groups are business owners and enterprises, magento has charted out three distinct plans.

Magento Go solution is designed to be used by small business owners. It helps the users to create fully equipped online stores quite easily and very fast. It`s armed to a set of functional tools to make your e-store go to the next level, so you don`t need to hustle installing any software, or administer servers. Therefore, it is for those who would want an e-store, but don`t know any coding skill. It helps out in deciding the branding of your company, you can select your logo, edit the test of menus and the navigation buttons. And if you like, you can align your preferred web designer with magento, as it gives you a free hand by letting you use its CSS editor.

Search Engine Optimized web stores where you are in charge of the urls, and can modify the meta keyword tags accordingly. And that`s not all, it creates both a Google site map by itself. For those who may want to create a web store without much complication, you can purchase for a small monthly fee that includes a client support. Magento enterprise is aimed at mid-sized businesses’ in terms of annual income, it allows millions of visitors to see your e-store. It provides you item comparisons, relevancy, flexible user interface, scalability and optimized speed to accommodate thousands of transactions at any given time.

It is loaded with all the payment options available online. This however does not mean a customer can only pay via the payment gateways in your e-store, checks, purchase orders, gift cards and money orders can be arranged. An advance security system offered can make your customers rest assured that they are transacting in a safe way. Also, shipping is strengthened, as it is calculated on real-time shopping and has a fixed cost too. This solution offers great value for money. It is really efficient for managing a big store. Magento Community can be downloaded free of charge, and developers can alter its code and put in additional attributes and functionality. Majorly used by organizations/ vendors who customize magento stores for commercial purposes (with the help of their own development).

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