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The Sweetest and Most Memorable Romantic Honeymoon in the Sp

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Goa is one of the most popular summer resort located in the south west of India and is the best beach honeymoon resort sought by the beach lovers. It is simply like boulevard of charming and breathtaking chains of beaches decorated with the cozy hotels and tents. The excellent alluring place is given a blowing dramatic look with the enchanting hills as the background and the lush green groves of palms escorting to the wonderful marvels of the beach.

Some of the finest honeymoon beach resorts are as follows:


The beach is well famous for its wonderful and leisure benevolent resort well meting the need of the newlywed couples. The different caterings of the world are easily visible in this point and the fit hub of the easy goers and party fans where you will find it crowed with mainly the young lovers who are at the zeal of their life and exciting romantic honeymooners can get the desire fulfilled from it. It is also an idyllic picnic and family vacationing site where you will be soaked with the exhilarating happiness.

Dona Paula

This beach is one of the most interesting and thrilling beaches where millions of lonely and isolated seekers are dump in it to experience the real romantic air of it. The area is well known for its mysteries of the thrilling true love story about romantic lover who committed suicide in it and remains as a hunting spa but fill with a gentle wind of romantic air that excites thousand of lovers and are attracted to it to experience the magic of it. The beach is name after that girl and the stimulating hunting rumors is that she use to appear at midnight along with the sea wave and this thrills millions to feel same ecstasy by opting for the honeymoon Goa.

Top most entertaining places for sightseeing and capturing sceneries are as follows:

Se Cathedral

This church is the biggest and most prominent tourist attraction fondly loved by the local residents in Goa. It can be said as a mighty grandiose well design and constructed taking more than one hundred years to complete it. It is a unique church build by the Portuguese filled with marvelous paintings of St. Catherine and Golden bell is one of its unique arts rapping the attention of millions of tourist. You can make the most unique and impressive marriage in it.

Aguada fort

It is one of the famous forts located on the rocky flat topped hillock as the background of the Singuerium and Candolim beaches best preserved monuments and a popular tourist attraction where you can explore its marvels and the breathtaking view of the beaches around. So do not miss the chance go for honeymoon tours Goa with your beloved and eye witness the exciting ancient beautiful spots and treasure its memory in days to come to be cherished and mark it as an enlightening flash of happiness for future.

Some of the ways of making honeymoon interesting with romance of delight and enjoyable can be by sightseeing around and exploring the amazing wonders of the wildlife sanctuaries and various carnivals pulsating places. Now plan an exciting frolic and sweetest honeymoon in Goa and be on top of the world.    

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