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A New Non-Invasive Procedure Will Help Jacksonville Dental P

by jeassonlens

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Jacksonville, FL,August 16, 2013:Dr. Harris Rittenberg is now offering courtesy consultations for Jacksonville-area patients regardingthe mini dental implant procedure. This means residents suffering from loose dentures can now have their problem solved for half the cost of implant surgery, a quick hour of their time, and no painful post-surgery recovery.


Sliding dentures can result in pain and embarrassment as they most often come loose while the wearer is eating or speaking. In the past, two solutions were common: adhesives or implant surgery. While dental adhesives required no surgery, they often increased saliva and had an unpopular taste. Surgery fixed the problem permanently, but required a lot of money, painful incisions, and long post-surgery recoveries. Mini dental implants, however, achieve the best of both solutions without the cost, messiness, or pain.


The new solution requires only local anesthetic. Slim titanium rods are grafted into the patient’s jawbone and become anchors for the prosthetic. Unlike full implants, these rods have a much narrower diameter, which makes the grafting less painful and the procedure less expensive. The insertions are completed in one visit to the dentist and cause minimal disruption to the patient’s day. In fact, the mini implants could be inserted in the afternoon and the patient could be free to go out to dinner in Jacksonville that night.


“This new procedure will anchor your dentures in place in about an hour at about one-half the cost of previous implant procedures,” Dr. Rittenberg says on his website, “It requires no tissue cutting or sutures and patients have very minimal discomfort following the procedure.”


During the consultation, Dr. Rittenberg will describe the procedure in detail as well as make an assessment on the patient’s jawbone. If the patient doesn’t have enough bone for full implants, he or she is considered a prime candidate for this new, exciting procedure. The consultation will also cover cost and payment options. The expert team at Dr. Rittenberg& Associates is more than happy to help patients with their dental needs in whatever way possible. Making adequate dental treatment a viable, affordable option for families of all budgets is of utmost importance to them.


The dental office is located on Ortega Boulevard inJacksonville, FL. Dr. Flexible office hours are available from Monday through Thursday. Call 904-384-4391, email, or visit www.drrittenberg.comfor more information about this practice.

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