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Top 5 Amazing Features of FuelPHP Framework

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As technology is changing so the demand of new techniques are evolving in the web development field. Many PHP frameworks offering extensive designs with exclusive features that makes source code programming less complicated there by providing standard templates and plug-ins. Some of these PHP development frameworks have corporate communities who offer solid Web development support by providing best business standards. Code Igniter Kohana, Zend and FuelPHP are some of the most popular upcoming PHP frameworks, with merits and demerits depending on PHP requirements. Dan Horrigan created a FuelPHP framework in the year October 2010. It takes advantage of the bells and whistles of PHP 5.3+ and works like CodeIgniter.

FuelPHP is a new entry to the IT market this year. It is knocking Kohana off of the fourth spot. It is modular which means one can quickly “bolt” parts onto applications. The code compact, simple and slicker more than with Codeigniter. The framework follows (Model View Architecture) MVC architecture along with ViewModels (also known as presentation models) which were added to the mix which gives a powerful layer between the Controller and the View.

FuelPHP is a combo of CodeIgniter and Kohana. Its codebase covers lot of functionalities such as Caching, HMVC, Sesiions, Models, ActiveRecord, Cookies, Templating, Forms, Templating and many more. Has a cascading file system like Kohana framework. Additional functionalities can be added as packages. It is flexible enough in almost all components of the core framework and can be extended or replaced. Developers love to work on this framework because of its various customized features and many benefits it bestows upon its users. It provides an amazing structure usually in the customized version of CodeIgniter and takes advantages of PHP 5 version.

Top 5 Amazing Features of FuelPHP Framework

  • Complete Flexibility – One of the many benefits of Fuel is that there are very few restrictions on how to write code. Classes can be in any file structure one wants, declare any folder as a “modules” folder, easily extend native classes and there are countless other examples of how Fuel lets one write code in their own way.

  • Community Enthusiasm – Just like CodeIgniter framework, FuelPHP is huge community driven framework used for web development. Libraries and constant modifications were being developed and released, which helps to keep the framework moving forward when the core was moving at a slower pace before. Its structure helps to develop core, modules, and packages at an incredible quicker pace.

  • Built in Modular structure –This is the reason why this framework is so popular among the developers and ranks FuelPHP in the first place. Fuel doesn’t force anyone into using modules or an HMVC file structure, but if one chooses to implement them the process is well documented and quite easy to integrate. Once apps are created in a modular structure fashion, it becomes easier for developers with clear benefits.

  • ORM in the Core – This package gives a chance for one module in the new application and ended up using it for every module so far. It maps a model to each table in the database, assigns the fields of the table and their respective relationships to other tables. FuelPHP is small, fast and allows to develop web based applications very quickly. It is fully extendible and comes with built-in module and package support.

  • Security – Out-of-the-box FuelPHP's Views will encode all output to make it secure and prevent XSS attacks. If one need to allow HTML through it can mark as safe or have it cleaned by the default included HTMLawed. This framework supports input filtering, CSRF prevention with tokens and the Query Builder which assists in preventing any SQL injection attacks. PHPSecLib offers several security features inside the framework. More about it has some customized security features such as SQL injection prevention, URI filtering, XSS filtering, Output encoding etc.

With over 20 million indexed domains using PHP frameworks, including major websites such as WordPress, Facebook, there are good reasons why many web developers prefer it to other server-side scripting languages, such as Python and Ruby. It normalizes web apps, assists productivity, reduces repetitive coding and creates more stable sites. Among so many frameworks one has to decide which would be the best to suit their business needs, as each of them has astounding features which deploys classic web applications.

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