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How To Take Good Care Of Your Adult Toy

by adultmart

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Adult toys are great fun to use. They come handy during the lonely hours. It is important that you follow the right way to clean your sex toy once you have used it. If you do not clean it properly then germs will accumulate on it and multiply. These germs can lead to infections and you will be on your way to the hospital. Considering the area which is most likely to get infected is your genitals, you do not want that to happen. They might not be the part needed for your survival but they indeed are very dear to all of us. So it is the last thing that you would want to happen and it is very hard situation to explain to your relatives. It is not that difficult a task. The female vibrator is more prone to accumulating germs than other adult toys. So it needs special attention. It is the most commonly used adult toy and I am sure that you have one, so pay attention. Always buy a waterproof vibrator, they are much easier to clean and there is less chance of damaging it during the cleaning process. Always use warm water for cleaning all your adult toys. Use a bit of soap powder or liquid soap to clean it. Instead of using towels or any cloth of drying the toy, you should use antibacterial wipes. These antibacterial wipes can easily be purchased from any local store.

If your vibrator is not waterproof then you will need use another method for cleaning it. Take a tissue paper and wipe your vibrator dry. There will be remnants of vaginal discharge, lubricant fluids and other liquids on your female vibrator. Remove all such fluids thoroughly and use as many tissues as required. Now dip a clean cloth in warm water and let the excess water runoff. Use this damp cloth to remove all the remaining fluids. Make sure that the cloth is not too damp, or else it will damage you vibrator. If your adult toy has any removable attachments then remove those first and wipe all the areas well. There should not be any vaginal or penal fluid left on it. The bacterial growth depends on the presence of these fluids.


Using an antibacterial wipe is a must for all adult toys. They will help to disinfect your adult toys and prevent the growth of bacteria. The storage place of your sex toy is very crucial. Store them in a place where the temperature is cool and there is no moisture. Bacteria need warmth and moisture to grow. So do not keep them in places like drawers or in the open. Keep them in boxes with a small amount of desiccant to suck all the moisture in that box. Make sure that your toy is totally dry when placing it in the box. The box will also prevent any dust from entering your sex toy. Preferably you should use an airtight container to store your toy.

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