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Sticking Together: Rubber, Plastic, and Metal Adhesives

by shannonmcniel

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There are different kinds of “sticking together” going on when it comes to adhesives, especially the kinds that get schoolwork, home projects, and industrial production done quickly and efficiently. Through time and lots of development, adhesives have eventually come to play an important role in society, and this fact should change the way you view the glue and paste you used at school. From gluing colored paper together to assembling car parts, adhesives are certainly an invaluable tool.

There are many different types of adhesives, depending on the material that they are able to bond. There's rubber, wood, plastic, and even quick-dry metal adhesives, all of which are used to join objects made out of their namesake materials. Here is a brief introduction to three common types of adhesives.


Rubber is an elastic, stretchable, material which makes it harder to bond them with objects of the same material as compared to paper and the like. In this case, not only is the proper type of adhesive important, it is also crucial to bond the materials in the same condition that they will be normally used in. If you're gluing an inner tube, for example, you'd need to do it while it is inflated.


One major consideration when using typical plastic adhesives to bond plastics is that the proper type must be used. Not only is there a possibility of the plastics not sticking together, there is also a possibility that they will be dissolved by the solvents found in some glues and epoxies. Thus, if you're not careful, you might just end up with melted plastic and a failed project.


Most people don't normally think of metal objects being bonded together by glue or any kind of special adhesive. After all, it's more common to connect such objects through soldering (for small-scale electronics purposes) and welding (for larger-scale projects), and even these methods are complicated and extensive enough on their own. However, there are actually adhesives made specially for bonding metal to all sorts of other substrates

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