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Importance of Electric Acoustic Guitar

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Among the various musical instruments, the guitar is certainly the most popular instrument around the globe. You can utilize it to create different genres of music like classical, country, rock, pop etc. There are different types of guitars available in the market and you need to choose the one that will perfectly suit your style and need. The acoustic guitar is widely used by many professional guitarists and beginners as it creates a soothing sound without the requirement of any electronic system. But an acoustic electric guitar lets you to create the same music at a much higher volume.

Features Most musicians prefer to use electric acoustic guitar or electro-acoustic guitar as it creates the sound of an acoustic guitar but with more clarity and volume. This instrument is a modified version of an acoustic guitar which includes a microphone or a piezoelectric pickup and a magnetic pickup. These guitars mainly use microphones and piezoelectric pickups as magnetic pickups are unable to pick up vibrations of non-magnetic items. In case of a semi-acoustic guitar, the design is different as it also includes components of an electric guitar along with a sound chamber in the body of the instrument.

Electric acoustic guitar generally consist of piezoelectric pickups and thus a preamplifier needs to be included in the body of the guitar. This helps to magnify the signal before it reaches the amplifier of the guitar. These type of instruments are also known as Plug-in Acoustic Guitars as these can be easily plugged in to a speaker without the requirement for microphones. It is a very versatile instrument that can help you to play various styles and genres of music effectively. It is useful for both professional musician as well as aspiring musicians.

Uses The electric acoustic guitar lets you play 2 different types of guitar when you actually use just one. Any musician will be able to play the tune of an electric guitar at one performance and play a complete acoustic number at another. You can also use this guitar without a microphone or amplifier when you perform for a limited crowd. When it is not plugged in, this will generate a sound just like any acoustic guitar. However, the sound is comparatively much thinner as the body is light and thin.

The electric acoustic guitar uses a specific pick up which lets it to produce a sound that is just like an acoustic guitar when it is plugged to a speaker or amplifier. However, you may also use this instrument to sound like a genuine electric guitar by using different types of gears and upgrades through which you can modify the sound quality. You can choose to play any particular style of music from heavy metal to blues. offers the latest acoustic electric guitars at the best prices. You can find a wide variety of different types of guitars from the popular global brands. Just visit the website and buy the one suits your style.

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