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What other People Think about Your Varicose Veins

by ambersmith

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People do not only believe that your varicose veins are unsightly. They also consider so many things whenever they look at them. This is specifically if they know more about varicose veins than you do. Read on…

You work all day standing.

Nearly everyone knows that standing for a long span of time may cause you varicose veins. Hence, they will think that you work as a hairdresser, sales woman and many others.

You never look after yourself - particularly your legs.

Varicose veins are also clues that you do not make the extra effort - or you care less - about your legs. You do not find time to apply lotion or cream on them every day. You have no certain skin care regimen. Additionally, you do not give them the rest and the massage they require from you before you sleep or after getting home. Giving your legs a massage at the end of the day is very important to allow better blood circulation in your leg veins. Also, think about raising your legs as you have a rest.

You do not workout.

For your body, particularly your legs, to improve its blood circulation, you have to make time to perform some exercises every day. There are leg exercises that specifically deal with your legs like jogging, pedaling, leg lifts, leg stretching and many others. Step out of your couch and start living an active lifestyle. The vein specialist in Arizona can tell you that living a sedentary life has an effect to your veins.

You are obese.

Well, this is something that they can be sure of by just looking at you. Your weight makes it hard for your legs to carry your body. It gives your legs too much pressure thereby leading to varicose veins. Some who are more knowledgeable about varicose veins will also think that you sodium intake is high. Try to limit it today.

You wear high heels.

This is one other thing that they can easily tell if they know you personally, but if not, and they know you are employed in an office, they can say that you wear high heels. Those bulging veins can say that you are giving your legs, as well as ankle, too much tension because they are not in their natural positions whenever you wear high heels.

You are sick or you are suffering from a health condition.

Varicose veins are also signs that you may have certain health problems. Among the illnesses linked to varicose veins are venous disease (inability of the blood to flow towards your heart), restless leg syndrome, lymphedema, deep vein thrombosis and phlebitis.

If you do not think about visiting your dermatologist to have it checked, you may be placing yourself to more health risks. It has been said time and again (that is if you are even making an effort to research about your situation) that varicose veins are not a cosmetic dilemma - it is a health condition that you need to seek advice from your dermatologist or vein specialist in Arizona.


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