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How to make your own Herbal Incense

by johnfloyed

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Tools and Elements

1. An electronic scale *optional*

2. Rubber mitts

3. 2 oz of Damiana Leaf (Or whatever you'd rather smoke, i.e. Marshmallow leaf, Mullein, etc..)

4. 100% Pure Acetone (You may also use Everclear) Don't use nail polish!

5. An HDPE bottle of spray. Don't use plastic spray bottles as Acetone will eat through it.

6. A little mixing bowl of the selecting. The bowl also can not be plastic due to the Acetone.

7. Finally your chemical of selecting. I suggest JWH-018, which you'll find for around $15 a gram on But you may also make use of the other options like JWH-073 or 250 for various effects.


1. Carefully pour a tiny bit of Acetone to your bowl.

2. Bring your JWH and add it in to the bowl. Mix the Acetone and JWH together before the JWH is totally dissolved. Increase the Acetone as needed (It does not modify the potency, but does modify the drying out time).

3. After completely mixing them together pour this mixture to your HDPE bottle of spray. Alter the bottle of spray towards the finest mist possible.

4. Escape your Damiana Leaves or whatever foliage leaves you select. Place the leaves right into a bowl or pan and evenly spray your mix within the leaves. Do not hover more than one place for to lengthy or else you will get locations. Make sure to mix the leaves (mitts prove useful) following the top foliage is completely dispersed.

5. Leave the incense to dry, ideally overnight. When the JWH clumps just break them up and blend them well in to the foliage.

6. Enjoy your incense!

With such instructions of just one gram of JWH per 2 oz . of foliage, should yield a pretty strong incense.

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