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No Problem for Pandora Jewelry in Springfield MO

by gwynethqueener

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The beauty of charm bracelets lie on the fact that they can be redesigned any time you want, which is quite ideal if you often grow tired of the same style too quickly. You can replace existing findings with new ones or add more charms for a different look when buying a new bracelet proves too costly. However, the perennial issue of beads “bunching up” remains a problem.


Bunching is a term that refers to the instance when beads or charms gather in one part of the bracelet (usually at the bottom). This exposes the bracelet's thread to plain sight that can make the accessory lose some of its aesthetic value. Fortunately, Pandora jewelry in Springfield MO isn't vulnerable to bunching thanks to its patented threading system. The clips, beads, spacers, and charms, stay where the wearer wants them; not an inch of space is spared.

Pandora Jewelry, LLC has patented its threading system, wherein the most notable feature is the use of grooves or threads. They design and utilize beads and clips with a threaded interior for a better grip, thereby preventing a bead or charm from bunching while in motion. Furthermore, you're not limited to one type of decorative elements, you can put as many different charms, spacers, or accessories you desire.

To separate the bracelet into sections, the thread has adjustable clips for easy opening and closing. If you want to place a new charm in your bracelet, whether to mark a milestone in your life or simply want to make your jewelry more eye-catching, just open the clip, and insert the charm. When closed, the clips can keep beads and charms in their respective sections.

Pandora bracelets come in sizes ranging from 17 to 23 cm (6.7 to 9.1 in). For a proper, comfortable fit, it's highly recommended that you add at least an inch to the actual measurement of your wrist. This way, your bracelet will fit comfortably even when you place a couple or more beads and charms. This innovative design allows Pandora bracelets to be flexible and, above all else, gives them more sentimental value. Pandora jewelry from Springfield MO can be like your diary in its own right.

You can check the patent documents about Pandora's threading system at The patent number is US7007507 B2. For more information about Pandora jewelry, visit your local jewelry store in Springfield MO.

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