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Things To Know Before You Buy A Telescope

by OPTtelescopes

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So, you dream to be a stargazer? That’s wonderful. Astronomy can be a fantastic hobby and great fun for individuals and families alike. However, if you wish to explore the mesmerizing world of astronomical elements in the glorious night sky, you have to buy telescopeequipment that gives you vivid visibility of the beautiful sky above.


Spent some good time observing the sky with a pair of binoculars? Now buy a telescope and explore the greater world of stars, planets and comets. However, before you invest your money on a high-quality astronomy telescope, check out this advice.


When considering telescopes for sale, be careful of claims of high power. High power may sound wonderful and appealing, but there is something that you might not know. High magnification of a telescope may make things appear larger, but it creates a faint image when the light gathered by it spreads over a larger area. Moreover, it might have certain limitations on eyepiece designs. So, don’t merely go by the ‘power’ numbers; a low power telescope can also give you a better viewing experience.


Size of the aperture is one of the key considerations in buying a telescope on sale. In fact, it is the true indicator of a telescope’s power, and refers to the diameter of the reflector’s objective mirror or the refractor’s objective lens. The ability of a telescope to gather light is directly proportional to the aperture size and the more light it can gather, the better the image. That doesn’t mean you have to buy the biggest telescope. If it’s not for an observatory, don’t buy too big. For amateurs, a refractor size of 2.4-3.1 inch and reflector size of 4.5-6 inch is appropriate.  


When you are looking through telescopes on sale, know its focal ratio. It is typically calculated by dividing the aperture size by the focal length. A higher focal ratio doesn’t necessarily mean high quality image; neither should you have to buy one with a higher focal ratio and same size of aperture, which actually means a longer scope and can be difficult to transport.


It is always recommended to buy telescope equipment which is easier to carry and install. While you might look into other important factors and buy a scope, which is too large, it will bring in immense difficulty in transportation. Hence, unless you are investing in opening an observatory, it is advised to buy a smaller one with essential features as discussed above. While you might not consider it important, buying a mount is also crucial to provide a steady view and quick installation.


Harsh as it may be, telescopes are expensive, especially when you buy the leading brands. However, if you don’t wish to sacrifice your passion in the face of exorbitant prices, you can instead choose used telescopes. You can pick from a wide variety of brand name, good quality used telescope on saleonline and get cheaper prices in the most convenient manner.


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