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Olympia WA Roof Cleaning Can Prevent a Major Legal Liability

by noreensaint

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You've probably never heard of it, but mold litigation is an actual type of lawsuit. When roof mold goes unabated and someone gets sick because of it, you, the owner, can be held liable for personal injury, which is anything but good. Imagine the fact that you've been slapped with paying compensation just because you didn't call Olympia, WA roof cleaning services.

Over the past ten years, around 9,000 lawsuits regarding mold have been filed in North America, as per reports. Most of these lawsuits happen in office buildings and apartments where the legal battle is usually between the occupants and the building administration. However, as long as there's mold in a building, mold litigation can happen in the average family home. The legal implication of mold, namely in personal injury, all the more highlights the importance of mold remediation in general.

Construction law expert Steven Loeb says mold litigation can fall under either a structural defect or the more common personal injury. Mold can trigger serious health effects to the human body, from rashes to breathing problems. With a leak on the roof, the chances of being affected by the mold on the roof doubles.

Mold can attach itself to any surface as long as it meets the right conditions for mold to thrive such as moisture. Water stains on the ceiling, for example, provide a breeding ground for different species of mold, drawing them ever closer to your lungs. If you see water stains, there's a good chance that mold may be growing outside, as well.

The combination of Olympia, WA roofing repair and cleaning can prevent mold from growing in number and, along with it, risk of a lawsuit. Being close to the sea, Washington State is no stranger to moisture and related problems. As the damages to mold litigation cases usually amount to thousands, delaying holistic roofing care can draw you closer to court. Avoid costly lawsuits by hiring professionals to help get rid of the nasty liability.

Go to to learn more about mold litigation and its implications. If you're ready to have your roof cleaned, contact your local service provider.

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