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Working With New Employees: The Do’s and Don’ts

by anonymous

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Having new hires in the workplace is an exciting time for you as an employer. But it can also be a challenging time between you and the new employees. If you have a good employee onboarding process set up in your company—where the nature and background of the company has been discussed at the start, job duties, and your expectations—then that is a good start.


But when the new employees start working in the company, how do you deal with them? Often times, a lot of new hires resign from work not because of the difficult work or they do not like the company; they resign because they find it hard to work with you as an employer, even though the employee onboarding process at the start has provided them some background about you.


So, what to do with new employees? How do you work with them? Here are some do’s and don’ts that you as an employer should keep in mind when working with new employees in your company.


Don’t be cold, rude, unfriendly or distant to new employees


Just because they are new to the company and you do not know enough about them, it is not reason to be impolite or cold towards the new hires. After all, like you, they are also adjusting to the workplace, their new job, and working with other people.


This does not mean you should, as part of the employee onboarding process, jump to the opposite side and immediately ask them for out-of-town weekend trips or joining their family dinners. Try to keep a professional but cordial relationship with your new employees just to let them know that they are welcome to your company and that they are expected to be valued members of your workforce.


Don’t balk at or shot down their ideas, suggestions, or comments


Some new hires may have an idea how to improve various issues in the office—productivity, facilities and equipment used, or even the layout, especially if they are knowledgeable about these. Just because they are only a few days or weeks in the job does not mean their ideas are not good. If a new hire gives an honest and sincere suggestion about the workplace, why not hear him or her out first and assess yourself whether it is really a good idea. Remember that you are trying to bring out the best in your employees whether they are new hires or old-timers not only for their sake but for the company.


Do train new employees


Train the new hires on the company, about your expectations, and the duties they should fulfill. Training them will help the new hires become fully aware of the duties and responsibilities of their jobs. An employer training the new hires himself or herself will not only make the onboarding process easier, it will help assure that your expectations of them will be met.


Do streamline the employment paperwork


New hires will be grateful to you if you take care of the voluminous and tedious process that is employment paperwork. A faster and professional option to do away with employment paperwork is tapping the services of Efficient Hire that can offer automated and streamline employment solutions catering to your company’s paperwork needs.

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