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Choose Wisely When Buying Backpacks For Kids

by anonymous

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At the start of every school year, parents are faced with a common dilemma. An increase in homework has lead to even younger children carrying around several books at a time. This extra weight can have a negative impact on a spinal development and posture.  The extra load can also shorten the lifespan of a backpack. There are so many different school backpacks to choose from.  How does a concerned parent pick the right one?


This school season, many parents are choosing from the variety of backpacks for kids found on-line. Think of your child's book bag like an investment. Buying the first thing to come along could result in a lot of extra costs. But by doing a little research and picking the right backpack can help save money over the next couple of years. Think too of the amount of time spent looking for a backpack and you can see why this is not something you will want to do year after year.


Obviously, kids' tastes change from year to year. Over the summer they found a new cartoon that they love or a new teen idol that they want to imitate. Most children aren't given a second thought to the quality of their backpack. They are most likely concerned about how their classmates will see it.  As a parent here is the first trap you can avoid. By picking a more conservative style, your child's backpack will survive the trends and can be worn for multiple years and even passed down to younger siblings. Don't confuse conservative with boring. Backpacks for kids should still be fun and interesting when they are young, and stylish when they are older. Look for designs or patterns that aren't necessarily trendy. Of course for some age groups you simply can't avoid a cartoon character backpack. Children in kindergarten and first-grade are less likely to have much more than papers to bring home so the wear and tear on backpacks purchased for young-ones should be minimal.


The showcases of on-line stores have several backpack styles that can be worn a variety of ways. Look for a back with adjustable straps. Despite how a backpack may look in the pictures, there is a pretty good chance your teenaged child will want to wear it completely different. A backpack with strong adjustable straps will make additional purchases less likely. One popular way of avoiding some of the pain and discomfort from carrying too many books is to choose a size that is appropriate for your child. Ask their teachers how much homework can be expected. Young children with large backpacks are more likely to fill them up with extra books just for the fun of it. Older children with small backpacks may not have enough room to carry all of their books. They will either over-stuff the backpack or carry around extra books in their arms. This can lead to not only damaged backpacks, but also damaged books due to being crammed or dropped.



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